The coronavirus pandemic is the kind of unpredictable, global catastrophe of staggering proportions that comes along not just every few years but perhaps once in a hundred years. What started out as health crisis, has quickly developed into an economic crisis spurring social unrest across the world. And yet, despite the widespread distress, the picture is more complex than it may seem. For some companies, the crisis has and continues to, provide opportunities for new growth. 

Join the authors, Nitin Rakesh, CEO, Mphasis, and Jerry Wind, Lauder Professor Emeritus, Wharton as they host an exclusive session to decode the 8 principles from their recently launched book ‘Transformation in Times of Crisis’ aimed at helping businesses seek opportunities and thrive in the new world. Joining the authors for a roundtable discussion to share their experiences on navigating the current crisis and beyond are:

  • Baroness Verma – British politician and member of the House of Lords
  • Richard Ward - Executive Chairman of Specialty & International and MGA, The Ardonagh Group
  • Phil Fersht -  Founder, Chief Executive Director and Chief Analyst, HFS Research
  • Trish Arksey - Lending Program Director, Royal Bank of Scotland.
Tune in to hear from the stalwarts on how to navigate crises and create opportunities for long-term success.

Friday, 5 February 2021 3:00 PM GMT