Everest Group positioned Mphasis as a Major Contender among the 29 System Integrators (SIs) featured on the System Integration Capabilities on AWS PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022.

Our AWS business strategy complements with our clients' migration, modernization, and transformation goals with an industry focus built on expertise in Apps, Data, DevSecOps, Security, and Al/ML along with IP-based tools & relevant ISV partners. We have over 200+AI/ML Algorithms published on AWS marketplace.

AWS Accreditations and Competencies


Service Ready Programs


Partner Programs


  • DevOps Consulting Competency
  • Financial Services Consulting Competency
  • Migration Consulting Competency
  • Security Consulting Competency
  • Travel and Hospitality Consulting Competency


  • Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Delivery
  • AWS CloudFormation Delivery
  • AWS Config Delivery  
  • AWS Systems Manager Delivery  
  • Amazon RDS Delivery  
  • AWS Lambda Delivery  
  • Amazon API Gateway Delivery  
  • Amazon DynamoDB Delivery  
  • Public Sector Partner
  • Solution Provider
  • Authorized Training Partner
  • ProServe Preferred Partner for Security
  • ProServe Preferred Partner for Modernization



Mphasis strengths recognized by Everest Group:

  • Industry-specific solutions on AWS such as airlines data platform, healthcare data platform, and digital insurance platform
  • Our portfolio of AI/ML and NLP solutions which are natively developed using AWS cloud services
  • Capabilities in supporting enterprises in their cloud journey through cloud-native engineering, automation, DataOps, ML Ops, cloud economics, and SRE capabilities
  • Mphasis investment in Sparkle Labs, a collaborative platform consisting of Mphasis' enterprise customers and start-ups, to build custom solutions for clients

Mphasis has domain and engineering expertise in highly regulated industry, combined with engineering excellence. We deliver business capability transformation through Front2Back™ and Zero Cost transformation approach. We are a Premier AWS Partner with competencies in Migration, Security, DevOps, Financial Services, Travel & Hospitality & Public Sector.