Mphasis is recognized as a Star Performer for its market success and capability advancement in Blockchain technology. We strengthened our position as a Major Contender through our accelerated investment in technology partnerships and collaboration with the broader Blockchain ecosystem. Mphasis uses blockchain beyond driving cost optimizations and process efficiency; we are currently building capabilities to drive ecosystem value and helping our clients with build and operate workflows. 

The report lists Mphasis strengths as:

  • Strong focus on the implementation and advisory for blockchain services - It has helped expand our talent base across a diverse range of blockchain platforms. Mphasis continuously invests in training and certification programs through its CoE.
  • Strong partnerships with a diverse set of vendors such as R3 and AWS, and emerging vendors such as QEDIT and WeSend
  • Growing revenue and number of engagements relative to peers and growing adoption among the clients in the BFSI and transportation industries 
  • Increase in investments into proprietary solutions and platforms and an improved focus on talent development through innovation labs and certifications

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