Experience a World of Inclusion and Diversity at Mphasis


At Mphasis we understand that everyone is unique and the diverse background that they come from adds to the plethora of point of views and experiences that our employees bring to the table. It is this ideology of embracing difference and ensuring that we respect and treat all with dignity, that has led to Mphasis being an equal opportunity employer.

While we understand and are aware that all aspects of diversity needs must be given equal importance, at Mphasis we have picked two focus areas on which a gamut of initiatives have been planned and executed in the past and are lined up for the future. These focus areas are Gender & Disability.

We are committed to providing equal opportunities to qualified businesses owned by people of diverse backgrounds (minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, LGBT-owned, disabled veteran-owned, SME, etc.) to participate in our procurement process. This enables us to work with diverse suppliers with growth potential whom we select even if they are not the most competitive in a sourcing process.

Inclusion and Diversity at Mphasis
Mphasis believes in staying invested in its number one resources, its 'employees' from Inclusion & Diversity perspective.
Focused effort on hiring more women employees
The Leadership at Mphasis has taken a conscious and committed call to ensure that the gender ratio at Mphasis is at 30:70. Focused efforts to maintain or exceed this target is constantly made through strategic planning and implementation.
With this endeavor we have covered 105 recruiters and 121 panelist Mphasis aimed at ensuring a better equipped and more knowledgeable group of internal stakeholders to undertake the interviewing process for PWD's.
Benchmark Policies and procedures with regular reviews
We realise that to stay current and relevant, it is important to move with changing times. Hence at Mphasis policies are regularly looked at and revamped as per the changing needs.
New Inclusions in the Current Policy -
1) Adoption Leave for Single Parent - 3 Months/12 Weeks Work From Home
2) Paternity Leave - 5 Days
3) Fertility Treatment Leave - 2 Weeks/14 Days
4) Gender Reassignment Leave - 30 Days
Meet specialized training needs programes
1. Special training programme have been designed and executed from a Inclusion & Diversity stand point, such as recruiter sensitisation training for hiring of persons with disability which focused on the finer details that needs to be kept in mind while hiring persons with disability
2. LGBTQ+ awareness and Inclusion in the workplace trainings have been conducted to help our employees understand the LGBTQ+ community and how we can make them feel included as part of our workplace
Initiatives that we have been working on:
1. Creating an Alumni Club to promote second career women
2. Special interventions to induce equal pay and growth opportunities within Mphasis
3. Design programs and operations to improve Career Progression including Job Rotation
Initiatives and stories that make us sensitive to the spirit and essence of Inclusion & Diversity
Integrated Circuit
Exclusive Interactive program designed with top executives, mostly women from either our clients or internal employees. The intention is to have their stories and journey’s shared through the platform so that audience can truly get a chance to know these achievers better.
Integrated Circuit with Michelle Epps, Click Here
Listen to the latest Integrated Circuit Podcasts
1) Integrated Circuit Podcast 1, Click Here to listen now
2) Integrated Circuit Podcast 2, Click Here to listen now
3) Integrated Circuit Podcast 3, Click Here to listen now
Stories that Inspire
Inspiring stories of Mphasisans who have broken through many barriers, trials and tribulations to stand where they are standing today.
1) Kim Lanham - The Story of a woman who emphasizes on personal and professional development Read More
2) Sandra Pereira - The Story of an avid cyclistRead More
3) Koyel Biswas - The Story of a Woman Solo Traveller - Read More
Participation in awards celebrating achievements of Women and Persons with Disability within Mphasis
Recent Award -
2019 - Mphasis Wins 'The Top 20 Most Innovative Diversity Practices Award', during the DivHersity Awards by JobsForHer
Mphasis wins the Best Employer for Inclusion & Diversity Policies awarded by ASSOCHAM Read More
Mphasis amongst the top 100 best private companies for women to work in India Read More
Leadership Orientation Program
Through this program, the organisation aims to provide a chance to its employees to participate in external seminars and events to understand better the industry trends. This programme also aims at creating a platform for networking and helping us benchmark as per the current and relevant market standards.
Programs attended recently -
1. 2019 Working Mother & AVTAR Best Companies for Women in India conferences was attended by delegates from Mphasis
2. AccelHERate Attended by Dnyan Shah- Sr Vice President and Head of Inclusion & Diversity and Employee engagement. Read More
3. LGBT+ Inclusion and Equality at Workplace in India
Participated by Shipra Rai from the office of Inclusion & Diversity Read More
Mphasis believes that 'Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something'. It is because of this philosophy, we work closely with our employees to understand their Inclusion & Diversity requirement and chart a framework to take care of at least some of their requirements. A gamut of activities has been initiated under this tenant
Diversity Week Celebrations
The Diversity Week is a celebration of Inclusion & Diversity in all its colourful glory with a broad spectrum of programmes and activities that are organised for the Mphasian's. Sessions included were as follows
1. Campaign to promote more women in technology, especially encouraging to join the Architect program that Mphasis has 2. PWD campaign on why Mphasis as a preferred place to work 3. Webinar on the 'Inclusion of LGBT in the workplace'
4. Awareness session on 'Cyber Crime Against Women'
5. Integrated Circuit
6. Webcast with Major DP Singh, India's first Blade Runner
7. Leader talk series - Click Here to Watch the Top Women leaders at Mphasis talk about their Journey in the Industry.
POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment Training)
We understand that to create a work environment that promotes and enhances productivity, the workplace should be free from all kinds of harassment, Including sexual harassment. Hence the POSH training have been inbuilt into the DNA of Mphasis with every employee going through the training as well as a refresher every year
Programs on Maternity, Paternity and Parenting
One of the crucial phases in the life of most humans is that of being a parent. At Mphasis we realise the multiple challenges that comes with parenting and managing work life balance. To help our employee’s sessions on parenting like the below and more have been organised
1. 'Quality Vs Quantity Time - What Matters most'
2. Why working at home for Dad's is the next wave?
3. Shaping Early Learners
4. Why and how much should I be involved in my child's life
“Don’t tolerate me as different.
Accept me as part of the spectrum of normalcy”
- Ann Northrop -